I Lost My Belly Fat – How A Simple Change Of Diet Got Rid Of Belly Fat

Published: 25th August 2009
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Like most people I never intended to get a big belly. As I hit my middle years my middle seemed to hit me. I lost my confidence and the way I felt about myself plummeted. So never one to sit back I took action and regained a flat tummy.

In the article I am going to tell you how I lost my belly fat the easy way (those of you who hate rigorous exercise regimes will love this).

I have never really been a big eater and was convinced that generally my diet was pretty good. Plus as I do not smoke or drink alcohol I was convinced that I would stay in shape. However as I reached my mid thirties I began to notice that my tummy was getting fat.

As I am quite tall and lean this made it stick out quite badly. I got too big for many of my clothes but refused to replace them as I in denial I guess, imagining that somehow I would somehow magically shrink down to my original size.

Having excessive belly fat is no fun at all. However it requires effort to get rid this type of fat. For me I recognised thee things that made the difference.

1) A change of diet was needed - Although I was not eating masses of junk food or sweet things I absolutely cut them out completely. A guy called Dave at work who is a health nut gave me some sound advice here. He lives by the mantra that it is easier to keep it off in the first place than losing it afterwards. With this in mind he will not eat any junk or sweets at all. I simply followed his lead and within two weeks began to see amazing results.

2) A good tip for coffee drinkers. I discovered something very interesting about the coffee vending machine at work. The fact is that the milk powder used in each serving of coffee contained lots of hydrogenated fat. I had to start bringing my own flask and cut this out completely as it was definitely contributing to my problem.

3) Thirdly I began to reduce my meal sizes a little i.e. no starvation diet but just smaller helpings. In addition to this I also began to eat far more fruit and vegetables, chicken and tuna.

Several months later everyone is commenting about how great I look. My belly fat is gone and I did not undertake a starvation diet or start a radical workout routine.

As well as looking and feeling much better I also have tons of energy and as a result am completely redecorating my house. Just one more trip to the discount ceramic tile warehouse and I will have a brand new bathroom to my wash my precious flat tummy in.

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